Our diverse selection of expertly-crafted columns offers a full array of choices for your residential or commercial project. From a single custom designed column to project sized volume, our team can guide you to the column choice that best supports your needs.

  • square
    Square Columns
  • round-columns
    Round Columns
  • tapered
    Tapered Columns
  • tiered
  • recess-panel
    Recessed Panel
  • fluted
  • raised-panel
    Raised Panel
  • treated-column
    Treated Column

We supply structural, load bearing columns as well as cosmetic wrap designs. Available are pvc, fiberglass, and pressure treated box columns. Our columns are incredibly durable requiring limited maintenance.

Enjoy a gallery of our work. We are confident you will find a solution for your project that will fit your budget while impressing your guests and clients.

“Located in the hot and humid south, I supply columns that must perform to our weather induced requirements. The pvc products manufactured by Hunter Innovations support my company's strong reputation as a source of quality products.”

- Clyde Edwards

“We use a lot of columns for the regional and national builders that we service. I depend on the Hunter Innovations team to move my orders in a timely manner so that I have what I need and when I need it.”

- Tony Catalano